• You must attend all lessons and be on time.  Students who do not attend classes or are always late cause problems for other students and their teachers and may not be allowed into class. If you are 15 or more minutes late, the teacher can decide not to let you join the class
  • You must switch off your mobile phone during lessons
  • If you are sick, you do not have to come to school. It is better to stay at home until you feel better so that you do not give the illness to your classmates or teachers. However, if you cannot come to school because you are ill, or for any other reason, you must telephone the school on 01206 544422. This is very important for students who are on a student visa, as we must tell the UK Border Agency if you miss a lot of classes
  • Students cannot park at the school. You can get a map from Reception which shows where you can park for free near the school
  • You must give at least two weeks’ notice of any changes to your course.  You must see the Admissions staff to make these changes
  • Students who are not in class and not paying fees in any one week cannot use CESC facilities without asking permission and signing the visitors’ book when they arrive and when they leave


  • If you are paying your own fees, you must pay for the first 10 weeks, or the whole course if less than 10 weeks, by your first day.  You cannot attend class or stay in CESC accommodation if the fees are not paid
  • Sponsored students must pay for their accommodation every four weeks in advance
  • If you do not tell us at least 2 weeks before you make any changes to your course, we cannot refund any money (except in emergencies)
  • CESC can only refund money to a student if that student paid directly to CESC and not to a third party
  • If an agent agrees to CESC making a refund then the student is responsible for any charges made by the agent
  • Students who qualify for a refund will usually be paid by in the same way in which payment was made (sterling cheque or credit card refund (not cash)
  • Students who have not paid for any part of their course before making a change may still be liable to pay for the original booking


  • You must not be in your homestay accommodation between 09.00 and 16.00 on a weekday
  • If you want to leave or change your accommodation, you must give at least 7 days’ notice finishing on a Saturday.
  • You must show respect to the host family and treat your accommodation as if you are a member of the family, not as if you are a hotel guest
  • You must leave your accommodation at the end of your course
  • You will have to pay a fee if you leave the family to go on holiday, but want them to keep the room free for when you return


  • If you are staying for more than 10 weeks, you can take a holiday.  You should book your holiday when you enrol. If you decide later that you want a holiday, you must tell our Admissions staff at least two weeks before you want to leave
  • If you have booked 10 weeks and are getting one week free, you will lose this free week if you take a holiday during these 10 weeks
  • If your Embassy is paying for your classes, you cannot have a holiday within a 12-week sponsored period

When registering you must sign the enrolment form agreeing to all terms and conditions if you want to study at CESC