Your first day at CESC

  • Usually we will test your English grammar, reading, speaking and listening at 8.00 on your first day
  • We will show you around the school and tell you what to do in an emergency
  • We will introduce you to key members of staff and the private study areas
  • We will tell you about the social activities for your first week, and ask you to sign up for anything you would like to do
  • After testing, we will put you in a class at your level to start on the first day. We can run classes from beginner (A0) to advanced (C1) level.
  • On your first day we ask you to either purchase your course book or hire it. The fee for purchasing or hiring the course book is £30. If you hire the book, £25 is returned to you when you return the book to us.
  • If you find your class too easy or too hard you should wait two days, then talk to your teacher if you are still sure the class is not right for you
  • There is a walking tour of Colchester on Monday afternoon so you can see the town and learn where everything is.