Group courses

We run year-round courses for groups of students wanting to improve their English. Many of these courses are for secondary school students from Spain, Italy, Russia and other countries. However, we also regularly run courses for specialist groups such as German diplomats, French engineers and Japanese nurses. We are always ready to try to accommodate any group with special wishes. All of these courses, are designed to suit the needs of the customers. The courses are enriched by activities programmes and trips according to the requirements of the students.

Please contact CESC in order to discuss your group’s needs.


One-to-One courses/lessons

You can choose to do any number of one-to-one 50-minute lessons. These lessons will focus on your specific needs. Perhaps you need to prepare for an exam, or develop specialised language relating to your profession or academic situation.

You can have a course with only one-to-one lessons or you can study our General Course and have some one-to-ones as well. We will try to arrange these lessons at the time that you want them.

If you are interested in taking one-to-one lessons, you will talk to our Principal so that we can understand exactly what you need.

Download our ONE-TO-ONE LESSON (PDF) for full information