Our Team


We are proud to employ a team of friendly and enthusiastic people.

We are all passionate about what we do and share an enthusiasm for great customer service, from admissions and teaching to accommodation, activities and accounts, every one of us is responsible for our students’ experience, welfare, progression and overall enjoyment here at CESC.

Max Walsh

Head of Studies

The Head of Studies is responsible for all aspects of the academic programme. You will meet Max at the beginning of your stay and perhaps a few times during the week. If you have any questions about the academic programme or the performance of any of the teachers, you should speak to the Head of Studies.

Maria Walters

Welfare & Accommodation Officer

Maria will help you with any problems you may have outside of your classes, as well as helping Francesca manage the accommodation. She is the registered Safeguarding Officer and is also responsible for all aspects of the activity programme.

Francesca Ambrosini-Spaul

Accommodation & Marketing Officer

Francesca is responsible for providing and managing homestay accommodation. Her role requires regular contact with the homestay providers, assigning students to their accommodation during their period of study and assisting students with homestay enquiries.

Steve Bull

Marketing & Admissions Officer

Steve processes all student enrolments for our agent or client representatives, and our direct bookings. He is responsible for ensuring all enrolment information is correct, issuing visa letters of acceptance (when appropriate) and liaising with internal teams to ensure a good experience for the students.

Elaine Murphy

Receptionist & PA to the Managing Director

Elaine will also try to help with any enquiries regarding the school or direct you to the person who can.

Barrie Strawson


Barrie is our Caretaker, he ensures that the building and environment is clean, safe and  assists with the smooth and efficient running of the school.

Our Teachers

Max Walsh – Head of Studies
John Irving

Start Date: 1999

John Irving qualified with a Diploma in 1989. He has been teaching at CESC since 1999 having gained invaluable experience in European and Middle Eastern countries before he came here. John has taught on a wide variety of courses including General English at all levels, IELTS and ESP courses. He also has a lot of experience with younger learners having worked as Centre Manager and Director of Studies at our summer centres over the years.

John is a model professional, extremely popular with his students, who insists on high standards and a high degree of focus in the classroom. He is a Law graduate and has a degree from the University of Warwick.

Brian Cooke

Start Date: 1999

Brian has over 20 years of teaching experience since he obtained his CELTA qualification in 1993.Before this, he worked in the financial service industry, but he wanted to make a career change, and to do something more rewarding. He has been working for CESC for 18 years now, and has contributed immensely to General English, IELTS and other specialist courses such as GATTS. This is a special course for German diplomats which he coordinates. Brian has a special interest in teaching writing, and has developed a lot of materials for writing. These have greatly benefited the school. Brian always has time for students, and can often be seen helping them out in his own time.

Marianne McKenzie

Start Date: 2001

Marianne started working at CESC in 2000. She has also taught at the adult Community College in Colchester. In addition to being an English teacher, Marianne is also a linguist who speaks French and Russian. While at CESC she has contributed immensely to the General English programme and ESP courses such as English for nurses and the GATTS course for German diplomats. She also has a lot of experience on exam courses for Cambridge exams and IELTS. Marianne also has a wealth of experience with young learners having worked both as a teacher, and as a course director on our Summer School courses for many years. She also regularly runs social events such as tea-parties and drama as part of the school’s social programme.

Marianne holds both a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics, and a PGCE from the University of Essex.

Isabel W.

Start Date: 2006

Isabel first qualified with a Trinity TESOL certificate in 2001.She taught for several years in Spain. Isabel started her professional relationship with CESC in 2002, when she worked in our Summer Schools. After gaining valuable experience teaching in Australia, she came back to teach for us full-time in 2006. Isabel is an enthusiastic and dynamic teacher who has brought a lot to the school, particularly on the General English course. Isabel worked on teacher training courses which she particularly enjoyed. She has also taught on the IELTS course. As a result of her desire to become the best teacher possible, she embarked on the Diploma Course with the school’s help, and successfully completed this in 2008. She has a degree in English,Art History and American History from the University of Leicester.

Ian Rowe

Start Date: 2008

Ian attained his CELTA in 1997 after three years of teaching in Poland. Between then and 2007, Ian was mainly based in Poland where he was living and working as an English teacher. However, during the summer holidays from 1998, he used to teach for CESC at our summer centres. When Ian moved back to England in 2007, he was a natural choice as a teacher here, having 13 years of solid experience overseas and a proven track record in our Summer Schools. Since 2007, Ian has continued to develop professionally working mostly on the General Course, and also teaching exam classes such as IELTS and FCE. In 2011, he completed his Diploma. Ian has a degree in Fine Art from Sunderland Polytechnic.

Rosa Butterfield

Start Date: 2014

Rosa was awarded a Certificate in TESOL in 2011. She then gained 4 years valuable experience teaching in London, Korea and Brazil. She first worked for CESC in 2015 at the Summer School in Framlingham. Here she made such a positive impact that she was asked to come and teach on the General Course in Colchester. In Colchester, she has continued to flourish teaching general English at all levels ever since. Rosa graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and French.

Gillian Robson
Emily Oza
Paul Lee
Phil Erith
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