Every week there are different after-school activities for all students, in the afternoons and evenings. Some are at the school and others may be somewhere in the town centre.  You should try to join at least some of these activities each week to practise your English.

Free Activities

Every Monday there is a walking tour of Colchester with a guide.

Every week on different afternoons you can come to our Speaking clubs and other activities, which are organised by our teachers and staff. These can help you improve your English and make new friends.

Other afternoon activities include i-Chat, where you can meet English people visiting the school and chat with them. Colchester is a Roman town and you can learn a lot about it from our Roman history afternoon.

In the evenings there may be a barbecue, a disco and sometimes we have an African drumming workshop, live music or a salsa class. We invite students to hold a Cultural Evening where other students can learn more about your country.

Activities organised outside the school

Activities that are not at the school usually cost a small amount of money (£8-£15). There will always be a member of staff at the place of the activity to meet you. Such activities include bowling and trips to the cinema, and visits to Colchester Castle Museum. Student prices are much cheaper so make sure you bring your student ID Card.


Bowling – £5.00 for two games

Cinema ticket – £8.50-9.50 (with student id)

Meal at a pub – £7.00-12.00

Zoo ticket – £10.00


Sample Activity Programme:

The following typical activities programme for a General English 20 lesson course is outlined below. This is not a definitive list of the activities scheduled at the centre but represents a sample of what is available. CESC reserves the right to offer events of equivalent interest and value when necessary.