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Antonina Basenko, Ukraine


CESC Students


Alice_Zaniolo-300x200Hi! I’m Alice, I come from Italy and I was a student at CESC in autumn 2016. I would highly recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn or improve their knowledge of the English language. I attended the IELTS class, as my goal was to achieve at least a 7 in each component of the exam, in order to apply for a PhD in Psychology. Thanks to CESC, I got even more than I was hoping for, with an overall band score of 8. I’m truly grateful for all the help I received from CESC, it really made the difference! All the teachers are highly qualified and they have many years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. They really care about the different goals of each student and the lessons are very interesting. The afternoon activities organised by the staff combine the opportunity of both practicing English and meeting new friends. I had the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world and to learn with them in a friendly environment. The staff has also been very nice and helpful. I’m really missing being at CESC!
Ms. Alice Zaniolo – Italy


I think this school is amazing , I like the classroom, the canteen, the garden and all the staffs, they are patient and kind. I enjoy chatting with other students, it’s an unforgettable experience.
Ms S Chen (30) – China


The word “good” as a mark is very weak, because everything was the best (the town, the family, the school, teachers, the residence). I´m recommending the staying in Colchester to everybody. I´m very happy that I could stay there for one month. But it wasn´t enough. So I hope that I will come back. Thank everybody from CESC for everything. I enjoyed every minute there.
Mrs R Triskova(30) – Czech Republic


I was very satisfied with my experience at CESC.
Mr M Volf (26) – Czech Republic


It has been a great moment being here. I,ve learnt a lot from the lessons and the social program was very interesting too. Thank you all for everything. Hope to come back one day.
Mrs M Garre (42) – France


A very nice atmosphere, well-prepared teachers, interesting lessons, a big variety of methods and topics  useful and well-chosen teaching materials, carefully-chosen ( extracurricular) activities, e.g. school visits and trips
Ms R Krusch (59) – Germany


The course was helpful and teachers were very flexible in adapting the course to our needs.
Mr P Wapenaar (59) – Holland


It was a really great experience! I’ve been at CESC for 10 weeks and I met fantastic people and friends! I recommend this English school to everybody because is really useful and you can improve your English easily! Thanks to you all
Mr A Manoni (20) – Italy


The quality of the teachers is generally good. They are professional and some of them are really dedicated teachers. Actually, this is the best English school I’ve ever attended. The  students were also good, studying seriously.
Miss T Hirama (64) – Japan


I learnt many things English, friendship and how to study etc.  I want to learn many things if I have a chance to go Colchester.  Thank you for everythings
Miss J Jeong (20) – Korea


I would like to thank all the teachers who help me a lot with my English.CESC is one of the greatest language schools in the UK.  thanks a lot to all the people who work at CESC.
Mr S Aldaihani (22) – Kuwait


Staff go out of their way to help. Very encouraging, knowledgeable and friendly teachers, always happy to answer my questions.
Mrs S Rai (54) – Nepal


It is a very nice place to study. I  learnt a lot from the school and the staff are very good too.
Mrs J Okonkwo (42) – Nigeria


It was my first experience learning English language in foreign country, and how I was pleasantly surprised that it appeared exactly CESC.
Mr D Sergeev (22) – Russia


Generally, this course, group and  staff is the best I’ve ever had! I am very glad that I’ve been studying here for last week. I hope some day I’ll come back and continue education here.
Miss A Maydurova (20) – Russia


The teachers in your school are very competent. I really enjoyed also to talk about our different cultures during the lessons and not only about learning English.  It’s comfortable to be in small classes.
Ms A Fry (19) – Switzerland


I think that colchester english study centre is a good centre for learning or improving your english. The programmes that they have is fun and in the same time you can practice your english.
Mr R Almheiri (20) – UAE