Homestay accommodation

Standard of accommodation

  • The bedroom provided for CESC students will be a single room of a reasonable size
  • Providers do take more than one student during busy periods, but we never put students of the same nationality in the same family unless by special request
  • Our students never share a bedroom unless they have requested to do so.  They expect to have sole occupancy
  • The room will have a comfortable full size bed with bedside table and lamp, wardrobe and a table and chair for study
  • Sheets, pillowcases and towels are provided and changed each week.  You must provide your own toiletries
  • The room will be adequately heated, but students may ask for extra blankets
  • It is the provider’s responsibility to keep the student’s room clean and the student’s to keep it tidy

Sharing English life

  • The provider should make you welcome
  • You will share the same meals and be welcome in the communal living areas. The provider will treat you as a member of their home, and they will help you to speak more English
  • Our providers and Accommodation team will do everything they can to help you
  • You are expected to adapt to living with an English homestay provider. The provider will understand that you have different customs in your country
  • You will be given a front door key, so that you can come and go
  • On weekdays, you will be expected to be at school between 9.00 and 16.00
  • Many but not all homestays have internet access


  • Accommodation is booked by CESC as half board (Monday – Friday) and full board (weekends). Half board accommodation means bed, breakfast and an evening meal
  • At the weekend all meals should be provided by the provider according to their customs. If you are going on a weekend excursion a packed lunch can be provided should you want to take one with you
  • If you have any dietary preference or restrictions please let us know

If you are going to be late for the evening meal, please telephone or text your homestay to let them know. The evening meal is usually served around 18.00


Please see or telephone Reception if you are ill and unable to come to school.


In our homestay accommodation, your normal clothes washing will be done for you. You will need to do your own ironing!

Getting to and from the school

  • On the first day, your homestay provider may bring you to the school
  • You will need to be at CESC by 8.00 on your first Monday
  • Many providers are within walking distance of the school. Please ask your provider for help if you would like to come to school by bus. You can buy a weekly pass on the bus and you do not need a photo for this